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My name is Dominique Jannas Vela,
also known as Domi. 

Holistic transformational life coach, Mindfulness Meditation teacher and Yoga teacher.

One on one
Life Coaching

I accompany you in a deep and caring process, to transform what is holding you back from creating the life you want. 

Recognizing and healing, while integrating learnings to having a more fulfilled life. Feel better about yourself, transform habits, and remember anything your soul and being is needing to be the whole self you already are.

Online and in person.


Mindfulness meditation 

Enjoy guided mindfulness meditation class sessions.

I will accompany you to turn toward your own awareness and discover your personal nature with mindfulness, love, and presence.


1:1  Sessions

If you want a personalized experience with mindfulness meditation, and to learn how to be more present and mindful of yourself and your life, reach out and let’s schedule an in-person/online session. 

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Mindfulness workshops

These are a gateway to getting in touch with mindfulness meditation, inviting you to set a daily practice in your life. They provide space for you to remember and reconnect with your true wisdom.

Online and in person.


Weekly gathering (Sangha)

Every week we gather online as a community to practice meditation together, talk about teachings and share our common humanity.

“We are an extension of each other”.



These classes have a compassionate approach to the asanas and breath, creating a flow and connection with yourself, your body, and your mind. Building gradually allows all level students to be welcome.

I also do online and in person personalized and group Vinyasa Yoga classes.

Intuitive movement

Intuitive movement is a personal creation and practice. This is a group practice where you will go into an intimate journey through body movement. The only goal of this practice is to reconnect with yourself without controlling and judging. It is an invitation to move your body and listen to it deeply, and express freely in the present moment.

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Intuitive Movement Classes

Insight journey through

your body. 

How it works...


Rose Villanueva, CA

Your workshop was so wonderful, and there are so many people that I know that would have found it to be beneficial. I’ve never experienced a mindfulness teacher/life coach before and thought of it to be profound. Like everyone should do individual sessions with you.
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