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My Story

My name is Dominique Jannas Vela, also known as Domi. 

Holistic transformational life coach, mindfulness meditation teacher, and yoga teacher.


I believe that a better world is possible right here right now, if we as human beings create more awareness and caring towards ourselves, others and life.



I have gone through a big transformational process in my life. I was really insecure with low self-confidence, overthinking everything, and really afraid of people not loving me. I have always been very sensitive and felt that my vulnerability was a flaw, this is why I created armor to protect me from being hurt or touched by the world. A great mechanism of defense was to be silent, secluded, and not permit others to be part of my life.

Domi Jannas

In my own personal process, I’ve grown, challenged myself, my core beliefs with care and compassion, to create a life and steps towards a future where I feel alive, happy, fulfilled and full of love.


I know what it's like to go through pain, suffering, fight-flight-freeze reactions, and all my own resistances to blossom. This is a core value for me, to always be in constant growth, studying/learning, and aware, this way from personal experience my accompaniment comes from the heart.

I invite you to live your life alive

With the whole spectrum of experiences to have an inner state of joy and peace. Awakening joy, kindness, and freedom!

I have a caring and also challenging way to approach my teachings and sessions, recognizing and being compassionate with ourselves and at the same time creating the necessary actions to move on to what you’re needing.


I would love to accompany you at this moment to create a healing journey of your soul, heart, body, and mind. This is my soul at service of your being.

With love...

Domi Jannas

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