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One on one
Life Coaching

“Unveil to connect with your true self”

These sessions will be tailored for you and your needs. The sessions will reconnect you with your inner wisdom and empower you with resources to include in your daily life.

I will help you by asking questions, showing and bringing into light things that are difficult to see in the present moment. I will help you step by step, going deep into places that need to be healed and transformed to live your life more fully.

Online and in person.


I accompany you in a loving and kind way to go through the difficulties and your deepest fears, to transform and create a more fulfilling and joyful life.

This is my soul at the service of your being

I invite you to live your life alive. With the whole spectrum of experiences to have an inner state of joy and peace. Awakening joy, kindness, and freedom!


I would love to accompany you to create a healing journey of your soul, heart, body, and mind.

How it works...


My personal resources to accompany you

·  Transformational Life Coach: with a holistic approach

·  Energetic Healer: Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho. Shamanic healing

·  Mindfulness Meditation

·  Bach Floral Therapy

·  Yoga 


Carolina Vásquez

Domi has a special empathy and gift that quickly allowed me to surrender and trust in her. This helped me in different areas where I needed motivation. With the sessions I learned to have more perspective to evaluate every change in my life. This permitted me to acknowledge “mistakes/being wrong” as something natural and without self punishment. I was able to grow in a personal way and assume new challenges in my professional area. She also helped me in valuing every positive thing in my life and sometimes that can be difficult to see with the crazy rhythm we have nowadays. I'm so grateful to Domi.
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