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New Visual Identity

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The logo represents the different phases of the moon. This connects me and reminds me of the impermanence of life and that everything is in constant change. That cycles are part of life, and that when we observe the world and universe around us we can come back to our true nature and simultaneously take care of our bigger home, the earth.

The Story behind...

Wow! Since the first time my sister @pelijannas showed me this logo that she designed, it was love at first sight.

The moon has always been a magical and powerful symbol that has accompanied me during my life. And she, without knowing about this closeness with the moon, does this logo that inspires me deeply.

There have been a lot of synchronicities with the moon during my life, in a retreat with Shamans the moon was my guide and I recognized myself in her. Since I was a child I’ve felt hypnotized with the moon and her cycles, and when we started with the creation of this web page i was living in Half Moon Bay…I don’t know if I’m crazy or lunatic hahahaha… but this gifts and mysteries of life I like to give them meaning and value.

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