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Classes &Workshops

“Sharing and deepening in teachings. Growing together”

These are a great way to go deeper into your practice and your healing through meditation, yoga, and movement. 

When we gather in groups we share our common humanity and connect with a sense of belonging.


Mindfulness Meditation


Personalized classes of Mindfulness Meditation

Here you will learn the basics or go further into the learnings of mindfulness. Online and in person.

Special gatherings on important dates of the year

This is a space to gather online as a community to reflect and create consciously and pause for special dates of the year.

Weekly community gathering /Sangha

IN ENGLISH: Every Wednesday at 07:30am PT.

IN SPANISH: Every Monday at 08:30pm CLT

Check your time zone here

Every week we gather online as a community to practice meditation together, talk about teachings, and share our common humanity. “We are an extension of each other”.

IN SPANISH: Every Tuesday at 19:00 CLT with @respirayvolver

Here we do some mindful movement, meditation, and talk.

Ven y únete!

Upcoming workshops

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

“When your heart meets Pain”

Living Mindfully

Workshops Meditation


Online Personalized 1 : 1 Classes 

These classes are a chance to tailor a practice toward your personal needs. Allowing the body's postures and breath to be a path of healing through movement. In this process of uniting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yourself allows you to approach states of inner freedom and growth.

Online Group Classes

These classes have a compassionate approach to the asanas (postures) and breath, creating a flow and connection with yourself, your body, and your mind. Building gradually allows all level students to be welcome.

Upcoming workshops

“Fluidity and intuition in your yoga practice”

“How to create a practice in order to heal inner self”


Intuitive Movement


Intuitive movement is a personal creation and practice. It comes alive after exploring meditation through body movement and connecting with body states and textures, allowing a deep embodied presence and healing experience.


In this practice, you will go on an intimate journey through body movement.

The only goal of this practice is to reconnect with yourself without controlling or judging. It is an invitation to move your body, listen to it deeply, and express freely in the present moment.


The journey of Intuitive Movement consists of 8 stages of movement. I will guide you through different qualities of motions, and gradually build this path going through different energies, types of physical expressions, and at the end finishing in stillness.


This practice will be a way to connect with your body's wisdom,  free the mind and express without limits. Release, create, and explore through your body different possibilities. Come and join the experience of Intuitive Movement.

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